Houseboating on the Shushwap, September 2005
Shushwap Lake, British Columbia.
A stream near our beaching site.
Sunset over the Shushwap.

The beginning of September (just days before I left for Europe) I was off houseboating on Shushwap Lake. The lake is in BC, about a five hour drive from Calgary (a little less with Jen driving).

After dodging a couple of mail trucks (who knew they could go fast enough to keep up with German engineering?) we stopped for lunch in Revelstoke. We decided to support local business owners (and our cardiovascular system) and eat at a little restaurant rather than on the fast food strip. Plus we couldn't find the fast food strip.

Instead we found a little diner (I won't mention its name...). We were in a bit of a hurry, but short order shouldn't take long, right? We ordered and sat chatting for a while. Eventually we noticed that people who had arrived after we did were getting their orders. Maybe they ordered something quicker to make? Maybe they're all locals who get the same thing every day?

When the waitress apologized to the people at the next table for their order taking so long (we ordered before them) we knew something was up. So we asked about our food... and got a snippy "yours will be ready soon. We're really busy today and it's only the two of us on."

We decided we'd wait a little bit longer, just to see where this would all go. The people at the next table got their food eventually, with apologies and the explanation that their order had been accidentally given to someone else. We got another snippy reply. The other people's order wasn't quite right, but they left in a hurry... before we realized that they had gotten ours.

FINALLY! Our food! Well, not quite. But close enough! After having our order given away twice we weren't likely to let go of food that was put in front of us!

Of course, the first thing we saw as we drove out of town was the missing McDonalds. The moral of the story -- don't stop for food in Revelstoke. You might never leave.

We finally arrived in Sicamous at the houseboat marina. Late of course. After our fifteen minute "here's how not to blow up yourselves (and our boat!)" lecture and piling luggage and a LOT of food on the boat, we were off.

We had a great four days... swimming, lounging around on deck or in the hot tub, visits to the floating store, lots of food (apparently we could all cook), some fireworks and fantastic people. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. :)

Shushwap Gallery 1

Shushwap Gallery 2