I have a BSc in computer science (2001) and a PhD in biomedical engineering (2008). My PhD thesis involved the development and application of the general Fourier family transform (GFT), including an efficient O(N log N) algorithm for calculating it. The Fourier transform, short time Fourier transform and S-transform are all special cases of the GFT. The wavelet transform is also closely related. A more or less up to date list of publications is here.

Currently I am a post doctoral fellow at the Montreal Neurological Institute in Montreal, Canada. My current research interests include texture analysis, magnetic transfer ratio MR imaging as it relates to multiple sclerosis, and compressive sensing applications in magnetic resonance imaging.


Below is a (currently very limited) selection of code that someone might find useful. If you are looking for GFT code, a free for research purposes distribution is being prepared and is expected to be available early in 2010. I will post a link here when it is available for downlod. If you have any comments, bug reports, etc., e-mail.


Python module for anisotropic diffusion filtering. This is a simple Python script that should be cross-platform, to perform intelligent smoothing. Requires a Python interpreter and Numeric Python.