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Hang glider pilots: click here for pictures.


July 9, 2014 After too long, Morocco
March 30, 2008 After moving across the country in too little time to take pictures, here's the Montreal Biodome and the Papillons en Liberte exhibit.
December 27, 2008 Christmas, in and around Spirit River.
July 30, 2008 Kayaking again: this time with Otters!
April 18, 2008 I've been writing a thesis, but here are some shots from the Vancouver Aquarium.
November 7, 2007 Sketches.
October 14 & 15 OcTOWber flying. When the kite is this big you use a pickup truck to get it in the air. Update: Now there's video.
September 15, 2007 Catching up on a backlog: Dunvegan, Kananaskis, sailing and hiking at Mount Robson.
August 20, 2007 Kayaking the Broken Group Islands.
June 17, 2007 Finally: Spain.
June 2, 2007 Updated (and extended) Berlin shots and pictures from the Berlin zoo including Knut, the polar bear cub.
May 21, 2007 I'm in Berlin at the moment, at the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine conference. Here are some pictures.
May 8, 2007 I've been up to various things, some of which involved pictures, including a trip to Spain. I'll post pictures from that as soon as I have time to go through them (there are 1200). In the meantime, hang gliding pictures from Cochrane.
August 22, 2006 The GlobalFest fireworks competition is on! Tonight was Canada's turn. Over the next few days I'll be adding Hong Kong (the defending champions) and the finale. Have a look.
June 29, 2006 Added to the Calgary Zoo, Sunrise/Sunset and Waterfalls galleries.
March 30, 2006 First, I'll be showing a collection of photographs in the Peace Country in the spring. Second, though the Europe photojournal is still only half done, the Europe galleries are finally complete.
December 7, 2005 I'm trying out a new way of making galleries semi-automatically, which should make it easier to put pictures up. Check out the first few trial galleries, Waterfalls, Sunrise, Sunset, Storms, Prairie Summer, Mountain Seasons and Forests, in the gallery section.
October 21, 2005 Okay, technically this trip was before Europe, but the pages got added after. But here it is -- houseboating on the Shushwap!
October 9, 2005 Back from Europe! There are a lot of pictures! I had to buy (and hack) a little NAS appliance so I could get some of the pictures off my notebook. Sluggy is also serving most of the pictures for the Europe 2005 pages to lighten the load on the RobbTech server. For the Europe 2005 section I've got the usual galleries but I've also added photojournal style pages so you can read about the adventures. Have a look!
June 12, 2005 Let's see... I've been to the Dominican Republic (pictures as soon as I make the page) and I just got back from the Apple WWDC in San Francisco. I didn't take any pictures this year -- it was sort of a last minute trip and was really rushed. I also got a paper accepted to a conference in Spain... where I'll definitely take pictures!
March 26, 2005 The site is going live... I hope. It's got all the content of the old site with some nice new formatting and a little bit extra. Time to upload it and go to sleep!
March 25, 2005

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